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A Saturday evening dinner here last weekend, April 28th. I could enjoy the dinner without time constraints as India lost the match and there wasn’t this final world cup match to look forward too.

R accompanied me to this place that had a busy bar scene. A chatty place, friendly staff and good food. Throw in a couple of glasses of wine and you have a gossipy (not as much as I wanted :p) evening 🙂

Yelp categorizes this as a Mediterranean place, I wouldn’t.

The place is apparently popular for brunch. Our dinner wasn’t bad either. Though nothing stood out particularly but I liked the artichoke/salad mix appetizer – with the crisp artichokes and fresh salad complementing each other too well. The flatbread was good – nothing messed up. The pastas were flavorful. I was happy with their brownie as my choice for dessert too.
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