Hayato Omotesando

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I went to HAYATO TOKYO / OMOTESANDO yesterday, after booking on hotpepper.

And I had to do this post today because I couldn’t sleep last night :p

They were nice and everything, but the cut wasn’t what I had wanted, even after showing pictures. I was looking for a blunt bob kind of a cut, only longer and not bob exactly, and I had pictures for that. And side swept bangs on the front is what I wanted.

What I ended up with is regular-ish bangs and a U kind of a cut.

In the past decade, the only times I’ve gotten cuts that I wanted were at the Roy Teeluck(s) and the likes, paying well over 100 bucks. BUT, even if I didn’t get a haircut I wanted, I’ve never had a bad blow dry. Even if it was blow dried straight, it lasted a good three days before going wiry and frizzy and what not.

Here, the blow dry wasn’t good at all. Their hair dryer or iron or the brush used didn’t seem professional enough. The person who did it was good, meaning no rushing and took his own time. But it wasn’t what I wanted. I mean I can do a better job blow drying at home. He didn’t even use a concentrator with the blow dryer. And the brush, it wasn’t boar bristles. Nor was it metal. Nor was it round!?!

They almost had me with the shampoo and the head and shoulder massage. But things went south once he started blow drying. I never interrupt while they’re doing their job, and this time was no different. Once he asked me how was it, I asked him if he could give me a sleeker look with the blow dry to which he asked if he could use an iron. I agreed. But the result wasn’t what I wanted, still. I couldn’t even tell if I liked the cut or not because the hair was wavy.

Like I mentioned earlier, it didn’t look like he was taking any shortcuts or rushing, so I didn’t want to be rude, but it’s not what I wanted! To top it, my three year toddler is repeatedly telling me that my ‘head’ looks dirty (read he doesn’t like how I look now, with the messy bangs :P)

Here were some other funnies that happened in the salon. I played a video for the child. And he went from wanting to sit on my lap to finally being by himself. And then, when the guy was cutting my hair, the child wanted to use the restroom. Of course, he couldn’t wait a second because he’d already delayed a lot for not wanting to miss his ‘video’ and by the time he came to tell me that, his pants were starting to get wet.

My stylists reaction was funny (for me, as his eyes traced the wet pants). Thankfully, the floor wasn’t spoiled and I rushed him to the restroom. But I guess my stylist was still in shock of what had happened. He was very kind to offer me a towel for the child, but I was carrying a change of clothes for him (which of course, I realize today that I forgot there!).

Guess, after that, he was still tizzied on what he witnessed (this toddler peeing his pants) and that might be the reason for my blow dry 😉





Feature image from http://haircut.skydivelakepowell.us/dumb-and-dumber-haircut-meme/

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