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Remember my post about Woodlands and where I mentioned how many places mess up the coconut chutney? Haveli: North & South Indian Pure Vegetarian Restaurant was one of them.

But that was probably the only chutney they messed up. The others, served with papad were so good. Especially the garlic one.

The food was alright. Not bad, not great. We had dal makhani, achaari paneer, vegetable jalfrezi, some rotis and lachcha paratha and cumin rice. Sadly, FIL chipped his tooth and wanted something soft so he began with idli.

Again, remember the idli snob that I am. It wasn’t as good as I make :p. The coconut chutney, as I mentioned, was spoiled. We tried explaining it to the server, but they thought the one we got wasn’t good so they got us another one and I turned that back as well.

Interestingly enough, the owner was there too. He came to chat us up, told us that they have a few other restaurants around Hong Kong. More interestingly, he ordered a dosa and finally the server understood that the chutney was spoiled when he told her that.

Mind you, no issues on our service – the servers were very friendly and polite. We were 15-ish minutes early before they were to open for dinner, but they let us in. Told us that the tandoor was being fired up so they won’t be able to do naan and stuff, but we told them we were OK to wait.

FIL wanted to order a drink. So the husband did. One for the FIL, and one for himself. I politely messaged the husband right then, “Thanks for asking!” 🙂

I don’t know about the other men, but my man’s chivalry is further down the gutters with his parents around; and no, it’s not just regarding not ordering drinks for the lady! Sadly, even in this day and age, I hear so many women echo my thoughts about their [sorry to generalize, but Indian] husbands.

Anyway, I washed away all that with a sip of his beer and then happily continued to gorge on the papads and chutneys 🙂

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IMG_20170903_175138 IMG_20170903_175828
IMG_20170903_175844 IMG_20170903_180819
IMG_20170903_180849 IMG_20170903_180921
IMG_20170903_181040 IMG_20170903_181108
IMG_20170903_181207 IMG_20170903_181225

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