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While just walking around aimlessly for a restaurant ‘nearby’, I saw Habitu. It’s a known name and a couple of it’s other locations looked quite good, so I decided to walk in and take a look at the menu.

Their new pulled jackfruit sandwich caught my attention and I decided to munch here for lunch. It was displayed as a sandwich on one of their boards, as a tartine on their menu.

I’d say it was more like an open-faced sandwich. A thin long slice of bread, with guacamole generously put on it. Then, the pulled jackfruit, topped with purple cabbage, alfalfa sprouts, sided with a little green salad.

Sandwiches don’t win my appreciation easily, but this one did. Everything about it was good – starting from the bread, to the guacamole to the pulled jackfruit. And they all harmoniously came together to create an array of flavours in your mouth. A classic example of simple ingredients done right to create something that tastes great.

I’m convinced to visit their different locations.

I was here around 1 PM, and there were so many parties of two who spread themselves on sofas and tables that could’ve sat four. I circled the place twice to find a table, asked a lady who was sitting alone on a table and with sofas that could seat four who said they were all taken. While leaving, I noticed it was just one other person besides her :/

Similar case with another table, where I asked a different lady if she wanted the entire table for two. This one was kinder than the previous one and said I could share the table with her. I thanked her while leaving, not that I had to, but sometimes I think the number of people mindful are much lesser than those who don’t care or aren’t aware? And I wouldn’t care for these arse-spreading-over-multiple-seats people if the place weren’t busy, but we’re talking about peak lunch hours.



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