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Greenwoods Raw Cafe TST Hong Kong Vegan Restaurant

What was supposed to be a calm, nutritionally perking lunch at Greenwoods Raw Cafe turned took an awry turn. The child’s school called. Didn’t have the number saved, so didn’t take the call. Within a minute, the husband called and I thought something’s not right. Yes, something wasn’t right. The child had had a febrile seizure in school.

I asked the husband to get there because it would have taken me longer coming from TST. The teacher mentioned that ambulance is on the way and they’d be going ahead. Queens Mary Hospital was where they took him. The husband and I both got there almost the same time as the ambulance. The child seemed OK, but the rest of the day was a mess.

I’d heard great things about Queens Mary and was glad that we were brought here, but our experience wasn’t that great. They took his temperature which was quite beyond 100 but they wouldn’t give him fever-reducing medicines. Even after insisting. Much happened between before another febrile seizure because his temperature had shot up.

Still no urgency on fever-reducing medication on part of the hospital staff. After much insistence, further, they let us give him medicine. Paracetamol doesn’t work for the child as much, so after further insistence again, they got him ibuprofen!

After being not so on top of his fever, when they kept suggesting to stay overnight, we put our foot down on going home. Especially since the blood work and urine results were all clear. Nasal swab for flu, too. Annoyingly, they knew we were waiting for the urine results which they didn’t let us know had arrived. Inspite of us checking five times with them before that.

The child was doing much better after coming home. So were we! Past 10 that night.

Coming back to Greenwoods Raw Cafe, they have set meals. And a pretty hearty one. They have two main course to choose from, with a fixed one depending on the weekday. The set includes a soup or a smoothie, salad and dessert.

The smoothie this day was banana, spinach, pineapple. Very hearty, not super cold or frozen, great consistency. It had to be one of the best ones I’ve had till date and looked super too. It was garnished with a blue butterfly pea flower leaf.

My salad was mixed greens, dragonfruit, cucumber, tomato, avocado and carrot shreds. Everything looked fresh, not dry, wilted, dehydrated. It was dressed with something that tasted like balsamic vinegar.

My entree of choice was buckwheat pizza. It was a mini piece of buckwheat flatbread (Indian style), topped with vegetables, including eggplant. Side was raw, tangy cauliflower which tasted very nice. I’d just about finished eating the cauliflower when I got those calls.

Kind of dumbstuck for a moment, I stuffed my face with the flatbread – probably less than 30 seconds, left the veggies in there, asked for the cheque, made the payment and rushed out!

Sadly, for the next few days, every call is going to alarm me. Until, some time goes by!

Vegan Smoothie Greenwoods Raw Cafe TST Hong Kong
Vegan Salad Greenwoods Raw Cafe TST Hong Kong
Vegan Buckwheat Pizza Greenwoods Raw Cafe TST Hong Kong

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