Green Veggie Sheung Wan

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Green Veggie Sheung Wan

Thanks to the Hong Kong Vegan group, I found Green Veggie. Google Maps is still reviewing the change I submitted weeks back following cues from this group on the location change.


Located on the third floor at 238 De Voux Road, it is a nice quiet place with both indoor and a very simple and nice outdoor set up. You take the first elevator up, and go straight to the food counter. I didn’t know that. I stepped out of the lift (as they call it here) and waited for someone to attend to me, only to be pointed to go to the food counter.

The servers who build your platter speak limited English. I am not bothering to pick up Mandarain or Cantonese, so we just smiled and continued. There were various options from the price points, none of which I could make out/ I’m assuming they’d be more on the lines of one / two or three vegetables sides.

A couple of them looked egg-like and not tofu-like. Thankfully, the one who was serving the vegetable sides understood my ‘no egg’ request and I was able to pick three. I chose pumpkin + some soy protein, celery + tofu stir fry, and a mushroom + lotus roots + more soft tofu variety stir fry.

The rice was plenty. And this platter that I ended up selecting came with the standard basic watery soup with three pieces of chunky vegetables and a soybean or two. And almost always, this soup is left untouched by me.

But, for HKD 50, this meal is a steal. A lot of people chose to order a-la-carte, which looked so much more appealing :p

The celery tofu stir fry was simple – no frills, probably just salt and a touch of pepper. The mushroom, lotus roots and that soft tofu fried balls had some soy sauce, I’d guess. The tofu was very tender. And a simple and non-standout taste.

What I didn’t like was the texture of the pumpkins. Now, it’s confirmed that I don’t like this kind. It’s probably Chinese. There’s only a few vegetables I don’t like and this might be one of them. I’m fond of other types of pumpkins, including the Indian kinds, but this one had a texture I didn’t quite appreciate.

The food was on the bland side, but requesting for some spicy sauce got me a gochujang kind of a sauce that I happily dipped into and ate my meal.

They also gave a small glass of warm water. Glad I didn’t sip it, because I saw other people dipping their silverware in it to get it cleaned! Hah! New day, new lessons.

I walked through new streets to this shop which is now becoming my go-to for the essential oils and natural cleaning products and such. Hong Kong has plenty of graffiti to offer. Here’s what I encountered, on my walk to the shop, and before I headed to the restaurant.

Hong Kong graffiti

Here’s the restaurant and food.

View from their terrace.


Green Veggie Sheung Wan Vegetarian Restaurant Hong Kong









Loved their curio.


And the decoratives and plants.

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