Gran Electrica

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Gran Electrica

After a beautiful morning/ early noon in Dumbo and around, after a few quick bites and the food fair there, after reading The 48 Laws of Power for an hour on Old Fulton seating area, after some more quick bites in the food fair and some photographs here and there and a walk on the new Squibb Park Bridge, we finally decided to come to Gran Electrica. Given it did not have many vegetarian options, I decided to get done with the place with just the husband & I and save some of the other places around for with-friends.

Imagine to my dismay, that the only thing that drew me here – Rajas De Invierno – poblano chile, butternut squash, parsnip, crema, toasted almonds tacos – were taken off the menu a few days back!

Salsas (to go with the fish tacos my husband ordered) were a good variety, graduating from creamy and subtle sesame based to fiery hot.  The one in the blue cup is a sesame salsa, creamy yet nutty and subtle flavours.  The one in the yellow cup is a tangy tomatillo salsa.  The one in the orange cup is a version of pico di gallo, spice.  The one in the red cup is hot and fiery.


Margarita De Remolacha ****
Pueblo Viejo blanco tequila, Combier, fresh lime juice, fresh beet juice, simple syrup
A strong and refreshing drink, that gave the right amount of kick to the husband 😉

Guacamole ****
Creamy and chunky, the guacamole was on the track with right amount of garlic and salt and liberal lime juice. Most places skimp on the lime juice.

Quesadilla *
The most chewy and non-warm piece of quesadilla I have eaten ever. This was a disappointment from the first bite. The quesadilla wasn’t evenly cooked – it had the look of a frozen rolled out tortilla being thawed and made for the order at the same time. The cheese wasn’t gooey and melted well. The flavors were non-existent.


The appeal of the place was good, and I’d say is perfect for a brunch for those who do eggs, but the food was nay, for me.

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