Good Enough To Eat

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Good Enough To Eat

What started as a beautiful day turned out to be a depressing one.  I’ll begin with the depressing story towards the close of the day so that we end on a happy note here 🙂

What do you say to people (read R&A) who have been entertained plenty but don’t return the favor?  Nevermind, I give them a call this evening once we near home (based on A’s input) to check the status to discuss J&S’s baby shower.

1 – I am not interested in having to do anything with their shower other than attending since I find S the most ungrateful person in the group.  Leave aside the other annoying traits of being a ms.-know-it-all and not friendly and rude and just a talk-the-talk person.

2 – this R&A I mentioned earlier – the A just would not stop being a baby with her immature behavior and attitude that goes, ‘I want it and I want that and I want them now.’  And ofcourse, once she gets it, it’s on the side after smelling 🙂

That was not the note I started my day on.  I started bright and early.  Having seen and heard of the wait lines for Good Enough To Eat, we decided to get there by 11 at the very latest.  We did well, by getting in the city by 9:50, picking up these two friends Sw and Sa and then crossing Central Park to reach the place by about 10:40.  We had to wait about 20 minutes before we were seated.

How I would have loved to have a bourbon hot chocolate on this cold day, but had to do with fresh OJ, instead.  They had a vegan tofu scramble, that I ordered.  This was the second place that I’ve eaten a tofu scramble.  They spice it up, but whatever they do, it ends up turning bitter.  This was my experience at both the places.  Very Indianized, but better than having a sandwich.

The place is renowned for it’s buttermilk biscuits and fruit flavoured butters.  The biscuits were good, better than what I’ve had at a lot of places, but the butters for to be just devoured!  The strawberry one, especially, though I was counting on the orange butter to be better.

The four of us got our entrees each and pancakes to share.  Well, the three of them did.  I saved room for some of the cake.  Since I was the only one saving for dessert, we ordered just the coconut cake to share.  I was a big solid yummy and satisfying piece.





Over the course of our breakfast/brunch, we had nice conversations about politics, sports and stocks.

The strawberry butter and the coconut cake were the only better than good things I tried.

Not sure if it was the cold weather or the cloudy day devoid of any sunshine that we did not see unusually long lines outside the place.

This gentleman however made the cold wait a tad more bearable with the hot green tea spiced, sweetened and touched with lemon.


Winding up from there, we went to Sa’s place to say hi to Sa&An’s An.  Met S&M who were meeting other friends for brunch and got home by around 5.

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Good Enough To Eat

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