Golden Spa

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Golden Spa

By the time I checked in to Golden Holiday Hotel & Spa, it was almost 7 PM. Not particularly hungry, by myself and a reasonably priced spa pedicure for a four star hotel, I decide to give it a go.

The entrance to the spa looked very inviting, but once you get in and downstairs, not as much. It isn’t air conditioned, a bit smelly – new paint / lacquer / oil smell – not sure.

It has this big vase of artificial flowerd to give it the spa look, but otherwise pretty average. The big chairs to sit on for the pedicure don’t look very clean.

The girl who’s attending me is very sweet. A nice scrub for the legs, except the foot sole, we’re on to removing the enamel, trimming, filing and buffing nails.

After that, it was nail enamel and that’s it. No foot sole scrubbing or cleaning.- the first time ever, in the history of me getting pedicures.

No moisturizing. I wonder what a basic pedicure would’ve included?

My choice of enamel wasn’t as striking as I thought it’d be. Top it with that on the menu under spa pedicure, it said basic manicure and basic pedicure. Not sure what all it included. I entered and left confused.

But hey, at least the girl was nice 🙂


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