Georgian Wine Festival

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Earlier this month, I got to attend the Georgian Wine Festival, along with a Master wine class tasting session with Debra Meiburg (Debra Meiburg MW), at Cordis Hotel, Hong Kong.

IMG_20170901_140903 It was scheduled for an afternoon, slightly overlapping with the hours for picking up the child from school, but thankful the in-laws were here so they could take care of the child and I could attend the event.

Learning about Georgian wines was a complete experience – from history to geography to the Georgian pronunciations. Try pronouncing some of their grape varietals, Rkatsiteli, or Mtsvane (not one or two or three but four consonants before a vowel!), Saperavi (easy! :p).

You need to use a lot of epiglottis (for talking about these Georgian grapes and regions and all) and a lot of esophagus to drink those wines. Apologies for the biology humour, but I had to! The few things I know in that department 😉

And how they were / are traditionally made in clay pots called qvevris.

Free trade agreements with Georgia means the Georgian wines are more affordable here in Hong Kong.

And with the different wineries that came for the exhibition, they had it all covered, from sparkling whites to sweet oranges to dry reds, and even a clear spirit called chacha (brandy), with alcohols volumes ranging from 10% to over 40%.

IMG_20170901_140108 IMG_20170901_140818
IMG_20170901_140836 IMG_20170901_140903
IMG_20170901_142014 IMG_20170901_144324
IMG_20170901_150201 IMG_20170901_151127
IMG_20170901_161200 IMG_20170901_161207
IMG_20170901_161210 IMG_20170901_161245
IMG_20170901_161248 IMG_20170901_161729

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