Ganga’s Fine Indian Cuisine

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A fitting song to the experience we had here might be from the movie Pardes, Ganga, chali kaha tu hame chod ke, kasam tod ke.

IMG_20171231_220813 The food, overall wasn’t bad on the taste. The presentation, um, disheveled, if I may.

We were there for the New Year eve. Indian restaurant. Because, family! I’m not complaining, just saying a place that accommodated us at 9, without reservations.

I think we got there in the midst of their Deliveroo or Food Panda schedules and our food was supremely delayed. Yes, that was the only supreme thing here.

The bartender / server was probably the only saving grace. I won’t be surprised if he was the manager there too. Friendly, polite, accepting and everything I’d expect of a hospitality industry person.

The first thing to arrive was the masala papad. And I kid you not, but the masala was a joke! The irony! See for yourselves.

I did ask him where’s the masala. He offered to replace it. But only with another joke of a masala. The first time around, it was missing quantity. The second time around, it made up on the quantity (only a little), but missed out on the dhania – cilantro! Cilantro, is the key! What they did excess of was the chaat masala.

The green chutney was great, though. Diluted and a bit too thin for my liking, but still packed punch.

The kebabs, I can’t point a finger to. They were spicy, so if you can’t handle spices, it doesn’t warn you, but it was tender and melt-in-mouth and great on flavour.

Next was the papdi chaat. And that was a bigger joke. Cucumbers? Not many people put cucumbers in their chaat. I could’ve let that go, but it was missing the cilantro and the sev. What chaat doesn’t have those two key ingredients?

By now, we’d lost hope. But went ahead and ordered mango lassi. And I won’t forget how he assured us they were making ‘fresh’ mango lassi. And he went right ahead and opened the mango pulp can! I know that’s usually the norm, but then you don’t call it fresh. Fresh would’ve been pureeing mangoes, right there! But, OK. I’ll let it go.

Our main course arrived and it looked sorry. Dal and paneer butter masala. They looked like they’d been reheated. The taste was alright.

And the food still left people hungry so we ordered a biryani, which didn’t take as long, because hey, they were done with their Deliveroo! The biryani didn’t impress me much either.

IMG_20171231_211113 IMG_20171231_211622
IMG_20171231_211850 IMG_20171231_211856
IMG_20171231_212418 IMG_20171231_212432
IMG_20171231_213121_Bokeh IMG_20171231_213131
IMG_20171231_213623 IMG_20171231_220805
IMG_20171231_220813  IMG_20171231_220819
IMG_20171231_221143 IMG_20171231_221204
IMG_20171231_221218 IMG_20171231_221245
IMG_20171231_221334 IMG_20171231_222400
IMG_20171231_223414_Bokeh IMG_20171231_223420_Bokeh

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