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The Japanese welcome is always uplifting, which is what I got here at Fumi. I’d booked it via Eatigo

The table setting was clean and simple yet elegant, like their overall setup. Very Japanese. 

I ordered the pickled vegetables and assorted vegetable tempura. 

Tempura Fumi Hong Kong

Pickled Vegetables

They picked vegetables were great, a good variety.

  • Those have to be the best pickled onions I’ve eaten. I even doubted for a moment if they were onions or something else.
  • Garlic was good, but raw to bite. Didn’t taste raw or sharp, though. Maybe that’s how it’s meant to be.
  • The pickled radish – there’s nothing not to like there.
  • The cucumbers were fresh and crisp, topped with some pickled grains and sesame in miso like paste? I couldn’t tell what it was. 
  • And then you had pickled asparagus, I think?

IMG_20200130_180931Pickled Garlic Fumi Hong KongPickled Asparagus Fumi Hong KongPickled Cucumbers Fumi Hong KongPickled Onions Fumi Hong KongPickled Radish Fumi Hong Kong


The tempura arrived perfect, your usual thin coating, crisp exterior. Fresh vegetables + mushrooms. Not sure if they serve it with any specific salts or sauce or if I intercepted them too soon for the soy sauce.

Mushroom Tempura Fumi Hong KongSweet Potato Tempura Fumi Hong Kong

If you’re coming with a super big appetite, you may want to order something else. I was feeling greedy and was tempted to order more, but knew I’d be full the moment the next thing arrived, and chose not to.

For this time, I’ll left feeling satiated with a very nice meal. Yay for Japanese food again.

Fumi Hong Kong

Ladies Room

Even that was elegant and minimalist.

Restroom Fumi Hong KongIMG_20200130_183749

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