Friendship Beach Waterfront Resort

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While taxi-ing around in Phuket, after the Karon viewpoint, we wanted to stop for an early lunch. Having missed the Green Tamarind location, since our driver’s GPS was going bonkers, we headed to the The Friendship Beach Resort Hotel and Spa in Rawai, Phuket for a meal.

Turns out that missing Green Tamarind turned out to be for the better since the food here was good, and the views, great!

Not just a vegan or vegetarian place, but they had plenty of those options. Going by the amount of time they took to get our entrees and the taste and look of the food, I think they made it fresh to order as well.

The child got a coconut banana cacao smoothie, and I got the piña colada.

For the meal, the husband ordered pad thai with egg so I didn’t get to taste it. But I did end up polishing off the sweet spicy sauce that came as an accompaniment to his dish. It was that good.

My glass noodles was served in a clear broth with green vegetables. Having spicy as a descriptor, I somehow pictured this dish red, but it was translucent, green with the green vegetables. It was good. Simple, hearty and certainly filling if you ate the whole bowl. I did 😐

The fried rice that we ordered for the child, he ate later, but I tasted it and it was very good. The rice didn’t taste like the ones that are a day old. It was brown and had been cooked to be tender, but the grains still held apart.

I’ll relish this view and the meal. I’d recommend this place for a leisurely lunch, even if you aren’t staying at the resort.

IMG_20171216_112139 IMG_20171216_112141
IMG_20171216_112145 IMG_20171216_112221
IMG_20171216_113024 IMG_20171216_113027
IMG_20171216_113519 IMG_20171216_113522
IMG_20171216_113527 IMG_20171216_113536
IMG_20171216_115007 IMG_20171216_115012
IMG_20171216_115033 IMG_20171216_115036
IMG_20171216_115040 IMG_20171216_115043
IMG_20171216_115046 IMG_20171216_115049
IMG_20171216_115147 IMG_20171216_115149
IMG_20171216_115154 IMG_20171216_115158
IMG_20171216_115925 IMG_20171216_115940

And then, I saw this elderly couple matched up walking alongside the beach and wondered if that would be A and I, years from now! 🙂

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