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Ready for takeoff?  I was, with a press dinner at Flight, in the first week of 2015.  This contemporary Yorkville pub boasts of a modern decor and food to match.


You’ll be happy to see this place – so clean and current.  A long oak bar, a subtle and stylish dining area.  I especially loved their charcoal grey seating area, not as common as you would have thought.

You’ll also be equally glad with the menu – not your usual frozen burger or fries style pub but one with a wide array of dishes, small and large, influenced by Asian flavors and more.

Executive Chef Golam has his own sources for getting his produce and he prepares all the desserts in house too.

You could go for a flight of wines, whiskeys or beers, depending on what you are up to.  And of course, you’ve got cocktails too. I really, really liked the red cotes du rhone wine from France. Their beverage director, Dermot Kelly, was knowledgeable about their wines and had a few recommendations to make.

My tasting menu comprised of wild mushroom risotto, with fresh asparagus and a subtle glaze of white truffle oil.  This was followed by capellini florentine with sun dried tomatoes, spinach in garlicky wine and lemon sauce.  The entree was a spicy delectable Thai red curry with fresh vegetables with white rice.  For dessert, we had their brownies which was tasty yet, light, unlike the usual dense brownies.






The service was nice and friendly and the other thing that stood out for me was their music. That seemed tasteful and again, different from what would play at the usual pubs. I think the owners Golam, Dermot Kelly and Taukiv Azam have done a good job of setting the place up.

Ready for your take off now? Happy landing!


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