Flam and Fjords

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Flam and Fjords


OK!  So this one of THE things that Norway is popular for.  Their fjords.  I have to tell you, I was very underwhelmed.  Maybe it was because of the fact that we didn’t do anything at all in Flam, other than the mini train, which, please, by all means avoid. You’d do that when you do the much talked about Flam rail route too.  Which again, was fairly underwhelming.

I’ve had equally, if not more, picturesque sights during my travel in Canada – when I took the train from Vancouver to the Whistler village.  And also the train ride from Vancouver to Seattle.

Maybe because the sun gods weren’t in our favor, in spite of being there in their supposedly driest month of May.  But it just didn’t cut it.  For me, the highlight of the trip was where we stayed and the view from there – which was postcard-esque.  But other than that, I was meh!

We took the the train this morning from Evanger to Voss, and then the buss from Voss to Gudvangen.  From there, we took the ferry to Flam.

Voss was a pretty little town where we walked a bit, took some photos, had some breakfast (read about it here) and then went on to Gudvangen.

Gudvangen gave us some good photos and was a nice place for that.  The rest of the fjord tour didn’t particularly provide us any great views that I’d remember.

We ate some lunch at Gudvangen (read about it here) and then continued on to our ferry to Flam.

The ferry ride was drizzly and COLD and cloudy and relatively dark.  Which means I wasn’t vowed by the views of the fjords.  I’ll sound an amateur traveller when I say I couldn’t wait for the ferry ride to get over 🙂

OK, that might be an exaggeration, but I wasn’t really bowled over.

The place where we stayed (read more about it here), we paid a lot of money for, but the view was spectacular.  We warmed up in the nice place and had some upma, courtesy of our friends who carried it with them.  We then just ventured out, walked a bit, did light groceries, got the popular brown cheese (caramelized whey cheese) which didn’t really hit the taste buds well, took some photos, walked a bit more (you’ll wonder given how little the town is, how did we walk so much :p), then decided to dine at the place where we stayed.  Read more about it here.

There wasn’t much else, to do, we wined and dined and the kids let us do that fairly peacefully.  Then retired for the day. Read a bit more about the dinner on my restaurant blog here.

The next day was bland.  In the morning, we did nothing – started out lazily.  The much talked about Flamsbana was around 2:30 PM. So after we checked out at noon, we went took the little train tour of the town – which is a waste of money because you’ll cover that during the Flamsbana train route.  Then we did the Flamsbana Museet, because we were too late to do anything else.  Did some groceries for a make-do dinner on our evening train.  And then we jumped on the train.  The sun continued to hide.  And baby K continued to sleep on that ride in his stroller.  Which translated to I being in the train to keep an eye on him during the Kjosfossen waterfall stop.  They had a performance during this brief stop over and the hubster was kind enough to hop in after clicking photos to let me step out and see it.  We did got a photo or two of the two of us together too, but again, it didn’t appear as  great it’s touted to be.

This post might sound a bit off for some.  Let me tell you, though, that I am the one who enjoys little things in life.  I don’t know why this didn’t please me as much.  Maybe I started with expectations up there 🙂

The rest of the train ride from Myrdal on the Norwegian railways to Oslo was prettier, I thought, with the snow clad mountains – it seemed more heavenly and prettier and perked me up 🙂

I was so pleased with the kid friendly compartment and that little play area they had for the little ones and the little goody bag they gave for the kids.  It made the rail ride much easy and much fun.

With this, we also almost wrapped up our little Scandinavian tour, with us heading back the next day.  By the time we got to the hotel, it was almost 11:30 PM.  The hubster wanted to step out and explore the party scene, but I declined.  Again, much unlike me – the reason was baby K was sleeping.  I know I was only justifying and could have and should have gone out.  After all, it’s fun to immerse while travelling, no?  Going the extra mile?

Another time.

Photos from the Norwegian fjords, Flam, Voss, Gudvangen, Flamsbana and the train ride back to Oslo coming up soon.

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