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On this pretty Wednesday morning, about halfway into our trip, the hubster goes, “I am too tired.  I don’t want to go anywhere.  I want to take it light.”  I try to convince him, saying the next three days in Norway are really light, but he doesn’t agree.

So I let him sleep, go to the Ericsson globe, do the skyview trip and come back.  It’s about 10:45 AM.  The hubster still does not want to get up.  I tell him 10 minutes – he says 30 or whatever.  I give up.  He then shouts on me because I removed the blinds.  Not to wake him up, but to have some freshness into the room that’s reeking of vomit smell from baby K’s throw-up yesterday morning (the clothes don’t come clean with handwash).

I give him 45 minutes.  Not because I was tired too, but because I want peace.  Though I wanted to go out and explore the city, I chose peace.

I happened to get on this website, as I was browsing things to do and eat, and we ended up coming to Falafelbaren, even though it was pretty much the same neighborhood that we walked through, yesterday morning.

The falafels were great – light and tasty. Not dense. The sides were fantastic too, the eggplant dip, the hummus, the pickled cucmbers, the crunchy cauliflower and the Israeli salad. Their hot sauce and mango salsa (chutney) were good adds to it.

And the baklava was a great little dessert, just perfectly sweet.

After a fast and great lunch here at about 1:30 PM, we had some not so great ice-cream and continued to explore some more of Stockholm.


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