Evergreen on 38th

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Evergreen on 38th

The good – the food.  The bad – no chopsticks with delivery order.  The ugly – their service.  I was standing right in front of them.  And I walked up to them.  They chose to ignore.  Until over three minutes later when I said something.  The rude server didn’t have the courtesy to make eye contact while telling me to wait.  Neither did he have the decency to ask me what I was looking for, before telling me they can’t help me until they took care of the system.

He was wrong.  One – my order was sitting right there and I walked up to ask them to give it to me.  Two – I had placed the order on Seamless, already paid.  Three – I had signed in after I stepped in to the restaurant.

I can tolerate bad food and bad service but not rude service.  What about you?

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Evergreen on 38 St


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