Event: Future Food Expo – Taste Talks, Brooklyn15

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Event: Future Food Expo – Taste Talks, Brooklyn15

I went to the Taste Talks Food Festival in Brooklyn this past Saturday and it was fun.  I attended some Taste Talks sessions and was there at the Future Food Expo at Colossal Media (Taste Talks Headquarters).

Started off with some breakfast at the Kellogg’s cereal bar.

Followed with some bread from La Brea Bakery.

And sampling some of this.

And some Hope Foods hummus.

Though the flavor of the guacamole wasn’t as prominent, the Thai curry and sriracha flavored ones were quite a kick.

I then spoke to the people from Farmigo and tried some of this yummy yogurt.

This was followed by chatting with Love Beets. Quite a tang with the white wine marinate!

I quickly hopped in to check the deal ’bout the brunch.

I passed on the food and just grabbed a bloody mary which wasn’t boozy enough.  Even for the morning!

Then I chatted some with Roland Foods.

Followed by Foragers.

In between these sessions that I attended,

I grabbed some bites from La Brea Bakery.

The session I enjoyed most was the one where they taught you how to become an amateur sommelier 🙂

Michael Jordan, who conducted it, was great – enthusiastic and encouraging.  I’ve come back with a cheat sheet and will use that sometime to impress my folks 🙂

Jackson Family Wines

In between the sessions, I hopped in to the Food Expo again which was more crowded than the morning, obviously 🙂

I wrapped up my day there with the session for a cocktail for every season. Four drinks were deomo-ed. Coincidentally, they all ended up looking a similar shade 🙂
Edna Ishayik, a contributing writer for The New York Times did a good job conducting it.

La Sonumbula from Leyenda’s Ivy Mix was my favorite.

Cheers to a good day!

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