Enrique Becerra

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Enrique Becerra

Lunch part I at the second day in Seville after the churros and hot chocolate breakfast was at this supposedly popular Enrique Becerra. The area had a bunch of restaurants. Maybe we were early by Spain standards for lunch; there weren’t other guests lunching there at this time. At it wasn’t like noon or something. It must’ve been around 1:00 PM.


The tapas style food again. Not a whole array of vegetarian options, but still some. After that delicious chickpea spinach plate last night, I was surprised and disappointed to not find it here.

But everything that I tried was good. Greasy, but good. Plenty of vegetables – some squash, some greens, some carrots. I think if you’re a vegetarian, you will end up eating only healthy here in Spain – vegetables being your only options :p


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