Empellon Cocina

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Empellon Cocina

I could tell from the moment I stepped in that this place housed the great vegan restaurant called Counter where I went crazy about their fried okra.

A few years later, with my NYU buds, I came to spend an evening here.  The place has got a nice look.

I started with a nice Pinot Noir from Montinore Estates. We told them we’d like to get started with guacamole, and without asking they got us the pistachio one. As is the case these days, the portion was small, but it was fresh and well prepared. Served with a very different style of crisps.

I can attest they did not have any vegetarian entree on their menu when I visited, but they do have one now, which I am guessing is similar to what they served me – spiced vermicelli noodles with onions and cotija cheese. Decently prepared, nothing bad about it.


What I absolutely loved was their chocolate dessert, which was very rich. Very differently presented. Like Scarpetta, it goes down in my books as one of the best presented desserts. With the whole flat rectangular look as a bed and then those tiny pieces of froth and nuts and ice creams as rocks – it looked wow and it tasted good. The picture does not do justice to it. But I’d recommend it.



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