El Rinconcillo

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El Rinconcillo

After a hearty but small lunch on the first day in Seville at the vegan Vantana (read about it here, and only a little apple gelato in between, I was all ready for a big dinner. Ready since a long time that day. Only that Spain is so laid back and most dinner places don’t open for dinner until 8:00.


I had a couple of other options that wouldn’t open until later and we couldn’t wait as we were tired and the hubster had a back ache.

We decided this place not only because it would open at 8 but also that I read good things about it. On entering there, it looked classic and old school.  A plus.

It looked like it had some locals at the bar, so another plus (felt like I selected the right place).

The place was classic Portugal with beautiful azulejos.

The sangria pitcher that we ordered, because we couldn’t do glasses, didn’t particularly stand out.  It’s a different story that we guzzled it down, still.  The vegetarian options were almost non-existent.

They got some nothing-to-talk-about bread and bread sticks.

Then, we got part of the order, the sheep’s milk cheese (I didn’t even bother asking if they used animal rennet in it). It didn’t do anything to rev my interest.

And then they got me the remaining of what I would eat – spinach chickpeas plate. Drenched in oil. Didn’t look all that appealing, but when I tasted it, I was blown away. With the barbecue smoked flavor, this dish was just out of the park.

As I’m writing this post, over a month and a half later, I’m still salivating.

If you’re, I’d recommend you come here for at least the chickpeas spinach, if you’re a vegetarian.  Even if that and sangria is all that you have.  Definitely do.


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