El Macho

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El Macho

This pretty much summarizes my visit to El Macho.

I had their avocado margarita. They used fresh avocados and it was a very creamy, smooth yoghurt textured spiked beverage. But only subtly spiked. Very subtly spiked. I didn’t feel any hit. At HKD 98, umm, I think a tad bit more alcohol would’ve been appreciated.

My server was very warm and welcoming. When my tacos arrived, I just stared at them for a good two minutes thinking in my head – why hard shell tacos? Why didn’t they ask if I wanted soft ones? Should I send it back? Nope, nothing. I said nothing.

I ate a couple of bites. Asked them where my refried beans were, as noted in the description. She got me some in a bowl, apologized and mentioned that this was a newer menu and they still referred to the old menu to make the tacos. No sweat.

I was still fretting over the hard shell tacos. Crushed and crumbled them, like my hopes of getting good Mexican food here in Hong Kong (?), doused them with the spicy habanero salsa and ate them.

And turned that glass of margarita upside down to get those last sips of my less spiked cocktail in my belly.

The place was colourful and vibrant, accessorized with sombreros all around.  And some for you to take a pic in, if you fancied.

Tacos El Macho Hong Kong
Avocado Margarita El Macho Hong Kong

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