El Brellin

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El Brellin

We couldn’t manage tickets to the Last Supper in Milan, they sell out quite ahead of time. But our first supper in Italy was in Milan, at El Brellin, in the Navigli District.

I must say, the pictures that I’d browsed online did not impress but, but various articles kept talking about the neighbourhood. And a day and a half was a lot of time in Milan, I guess, so the first day there, being a quiet one, we decided to explore this neighbourhood. And I was glad I did.

Maybe it was the Saturday evening hustle and charm, but the place was very vibrant. Bustling with lots of restaurants and people, it now appeared way more appealing than it did in the pictures. After some strolling and trying my luck without making reservations at a Michelin starred restaurant, we ended up here.

This place was already bookmarked on my list, and looked very charming, with their outdoor set up and flowers and all.

The food failed to impress.

The gorgonzola appetizer looked more appetizing on the description than in taste. The vegetable lasagna was a cheesy dump at best, with thick layers of the flour. And the ravioli had a super thick wrapper and a not-so-tasty sauce.

I learnt that from this restaurant (and the others eventually) that you’re almost obligated to buy a bottle of water and they cover charge you. This put a dampener, only slightly, on my restaurant hopping – like appetizers at one place, first course at another, and desserts at another.

Overall, this restaurant did not leave a particularly good taste in the mouth, literally. But the decor was nice. And the service, decent.

And did we say we managed to get seated without reservations on a Saturday evening. I don’t know if that should’ve been my sign or not. All I was wondering was how did this place make it to my bookmarks!

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