Ding Dim

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Ding Dim

The husband mentioned that he’d come to Ding Dim with his colleagues and said it’s supposed to be a good place. And I promptly made it to lunch the next day.

They have set lunches – an assortment of dim sum, but I wasn’t in a mood to stuff myself, so I just got Buddha rolls – pan-fried tofu skin, stuffed with a wee bit of vegetables and mushroom and yam dumplings.

The Buddha rolls said pan-fried and I was expecting a semi-soft version, but these were crunchy, as good as deep-fried.

The mushroom and yam dumplings had that translucent wrapper.

Too bad they had mini-plastics of soy sauce and chilli sauces on the offer. It said sweet soy sauce and while I opened it, it tasted a bit powerful. Fishy and I’m not even sure if I intend the pun here :/

I quickly downed my meal, and while not bad, I’m not sure I enjoyed it as much. They had tea jugs to go with the meal.


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