Dim Sum Library

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Dim Sum Library

Vegetarian Buns Dim Sum Library
Beetroot Dumplings Dim Sum Library
Cocktails Dim Sum Library
Dark Table Setting Dim Sum Library

A solo lunch the week of Chinese New Year here at Dim Sum Library.

Excellent buns and dumplings. They has quite a few options from noodles to rice, but I stuck with the dim sum, and I was so pleased with it that I’ll probably return to try out their other dishes, and perhaps their buns, again.

To drink, I ordered Blackened Rose Buds. With the coronavirus going around, I saw “fever” in their description saw it as a sign to order it :p

Ketel One vodka infused with jasmine tea, rose, lemon and Fever-Tree tonic, it was served long with dried fruit. It was light and delicate, contrary to what I’d imagined, based on the description.

The table setting and decor was great, dark and chic.


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