Dickson Yoga Vegetarian Kitchen Kwun Tong

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I’m starting to explore Hong Kong now and the cityscape views it has to offer, are by far the best I’ve seen. For them views and pictures, if you fancy, you’d be able to see some here – Travel

Following an avid hiker who leads hikes here, we did the Devil’s Peak and then rather than rushing home, I came to Kwung Tong to eat.

My first choice accepted only cash. Not having enough cash or a debit card on me, I looked for other vegan choices and came in here and was pleasantly relieved.


Looking at the menu, I couldn’t tell if it was all vegetarian or not, so I stuck with what was marked vegan. It was a sweet sour tofu, served with rice. Coming as a part of lunch set, it included a salad and a soup. The soup was a basic clear soup kind of a thing, but with carrot and corn chunks, and soy beans. Meh.

The salad dressing was great, though. Tangy and sweet. Very tasty. The lettuce leaves were crisp, so were the strawberries and dragon fruit but those two pieces of cucumber looked like they were cut last week!

The tofu was very tender and had a nice flavour to it. It was tossed with peppers and pineapple.

A decent meal, that. And a very colourful place, that.

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