Dao Palate

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Dao Palate

After a cold, bright day stroll in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, I looked up vegan places and found Dao Palate.

A couple was eating when I entered, but I’m the only one sitting now.

Red Lavender Tea ****
A sweet subtle and extremely pleasant after taste.

Korean style stir fried glass noodles with vegetarian fish cake ***.5
I’m really fond of vegetarian fish cakes and I quite like Woorijip’s glass noodles. So when I saw a combination of the two here, I ordered it. Though the food didn’t disappoint, the noodles aren’t half as good as Woorijip’s. However, the serving was a good mix of vegetables and I’d asked for extra fish cake.

Quite a decent menu, and I suggest you visit here.

I’ll give it Eat++


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