Daal Baati

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Daal Baati

The past Saturday, March 7, we had friends get together at our place for lunch – daal baati.  It’s something we’ve been trying to do at our place every year, but succeed only in doing it every two or three years.  It’s a big group.  It’s a small place.  Imagine 30 people and change (read kids :p) pack up in ~1,200 square feet apartment – and remember all of that is not the living room.

To prepare home cooked meal for a group that size is no easy task, with a little 10 month old at hands.  But we did it.  The lunch was probably successful, but I didn’t think that was the best I’d cooked.  The baatis turned out great, the dal was OK, the gatte didn’t live up to my expectations.

And there’s only a few things that make me as sad as not being able to dish out a good meal.  Given my love for food.  For both eating and preparing.  OK, eating takes over preparing, and not that I cook everyday, but still.  I like to think that I’m a good cook.

So, coming to the baatis, I think what it possible to prepare that HUGE amount in addition to friends was this KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer.  I bough a 5 qt. one and it made it so simple to knead the dough.

And I whipped the cream thandai dessert in it too!  Can’t wait to explore it more.

For the daal and the gatte, the huge stock pots from Ikea were saviors!  The 11 qt. container full of daal got polished away in no time.  We bought the IKEA 365+ stock pot and another SNITSIG pot, both stainless steel.

It was a full-house that day.  I hardly got to interact at leisure with people with until later that evening.  Baby K was down with slight fever and the eventful day turned out to be an eventful night and an even more eventful next day.

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