Crafty French: Ciders, Beers & Spirits

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Crafty French: Ciders, Beers & Spirits

Another week off means and staying local means giving more time to my love for food (and drinks!).

No, that exclamation followed by the comma are not typos.

So, I did some more window shopping and shopping and visited this Crafty French event that I found on Eventbrite.

A couple of the ciders I tasted were great. Two tasted with Eclor, Louis Raison tasted classic apple.

Another two simple and crisp ciders, one apple and one pear (called perry), I tried with Cidre Fournier and they were good too.

Having read a little bit about the ciders going before the event helped. In France, there are basically two big or important regions for ciders – Brittany and Normandy and all of the ciders has to use real apple or real pear juice. The fruits are produced specifically for producing ciders and can’t be eaten on their own.

At the event, I learnt that pear cider turns out more expensive because less pears are difficult to pick, lesser number are produced per hectare, juicing them is more difficult and so on.

I also tried a dry, a white and a red vermouth from Distillerie Des Alpes. The red one could easily pass as a dessert drink, but the lady there explained to me that in France, people will have it as an apertif and that they usually don’t do dessert wines in France and it’ll be a solid 40%-ABV type alcohol for after dinner.

I also sampled a wee bit of one rum from Le Domaine de Séverin, which was good. He explained how their product was made from real sugarcane juice and not any byproducts or molasses.

This event was held at Terroir Tribeca and there were these little munchies – some nutty hummus, spinach over ricotta, barbecue sauce sauteed almonds.

A leisurely day was spent.

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