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Corner Kitchen Cafe, as they describe themselves, is your neighbourhood kinda joint. We walked into this place after Chachawan told us they aren’t particularly vegan-friendly.

The server who informed us was nice, polite and explained that we might only have one fried rice dish that they could turn vegan. So we told him that we’d have to excuse ourselves from there and he said he understood.

In the middle of the day with the hunger pangs kicking, we just walked a little farther up to see this place. The child wanted to eat french fries. Corner Kitchen had those, and a vegetarian bean burger, a vegetarian chili, and a few other things, so we stepped in, without further ado.

The downstairs looks compact, but they have nice cozy seating upstairs as well. My kind of place to get my laptop, a meal or drink, and plug myself in there. Didn’t get enough pictures of their setup up there.

You still order downstairs, but they’ll bring up your food and beverages. I was going to go with the bean burger that came with fries, vegetarian chili and as I was exploring more, I saw that they had gluten-free flatbreads. Yay! for the child who’s been asked to be off wheat, dairy, and eggs.

My first choice of the flatbread – their Middle Eastern one with hummus, eggplant, and all that jazz wasn’t available, so we went with the Greek one – that had tomato sauce, feta cheese, onions, fresh and sundried tomatoes a touch of spinach.

I asked them to make a nice strong bloody mary for did. And they did a good job with the preparation. It wasn’t overly strong but tasted exactly like a bloody mary should taste.

Our foods arrived soon after – the vegetarian chili, the bean burger, and that rice flour flatbread.

The vegetarian chili, not piping hot, not as hearty or chunky. The beans could’ve done with a bit more cooking to be more tender and melting in mouth kind. The quinoa was cooked to perfection, separated grains. It tasted like a chili, but like I said, that heartiness was missing.

The burger looked depressing with what looked like a dry, wilted patty. Extra flour-dusted buns didn’t add to the appeal, but the taste was great. That smokey flavour of the patty was bomb. They had cheese ducked in between two thin patties. Caramelized onions are always a fool-proof idea for a burger, I think.

The fries were good, crisp, albeit low in quantity.

The flatbread was more like a rice flour roti. Tomato sauce spread on it, topped with onions, feta cheese, olives, tomatoes – fresh and sundried, garnished with spinach. The child liked it.

We also got a fresh mango juice for him, which though expensive, was good and did taste fresh, and not much watered down.

Right across the Hollywood Park, it makes a great location for one with kids as well. And the menu is replete with sandwiches, wraps, salads and all. Truly your neighbourhood kinda joint.


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  1. its seems very tasty food, i would try once as i always try new foods whether veg or non veg. Thanks for sharing good food recipe. Love the images.

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