Copenhagen (from the Little Scandinavian Diary)

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Copenhagen (from the Little Scandinavian Diary)


After Malmo, we started our third day fairly lazily.  We knew there were going to be plenty of trains/ buses to Copenhagen, so ended up doing a leisurely breakfast at the Scandic where we stayed, checked out, took a few more photos and then headed to the station.

We ended up buying the train tickets to Copenhagen on the hubster’s insistence, but I’d recommend getting the bus ride to get better views of the renowned Øresund Bridge.

About 30ish minutes later, we are in Copenhagen, and the hotel, Grand Hotel is very close to the station.  We snag a few more photos at the station, grab two one-day city passes which the hubster wasn’t happy about, and then checked in at our hotel – Grand Hotel.  This was again a tiny room.  Not the best of the hotels, but pretty convenient and very close to the station.

Once there, we fed baby K a little of the Earth’s Best oatmeal for lunch kind of a thing and out we went.

The city so far didn’t look neat and clean and the hubster (A) and I argued some more about which way to head and what to do. After a little bit of roaming around their busy Højbro Plads area, we ended up doing the canal tour which was quite nice. The whole idea being it’ll give us an idea on what we like the most and where we’d like to spend our time. It was a good idea.

The canal tour lasted over an hour and a half, I’d guess. After the tour, we decided to walk around the Christiania area, didn’t particularly spot the Noma while walking or tried to, eat some delicious ice cream at a little shop across the Vor Frelsers Kirke. It didn’t particularly look inviting, but we decided to go anyway and were rewarded with beautiful views of the city and beyond, including the Turning Torso from the previous day at Malmo. The circular stairs leading to the top were good, but baby K being so active, I was plain scared. It was also windy and a bit cold for him, I thought. So the three of us could not get any photos together, but we managed some.

After this, we strolled around the Amalienborg Palace, Frederik’s Kirke to the Little Mermaid which is one of their most visited touristy spots. It was not as appealing, to me. Nor A. But I managed to take a photo of the two boys with the mermaid.

We then continued to walk along the Kastellet. The Gefionsrpingvandet or the Gefion fountain looked quite grand.

We then traced our way to the busy Nyhavn area, grabbed some waffles, wine, photos and dinner. Read more about my dinner here.

Post dinner, we did some more strolling and taking buses and just plain exploring areas, and then, it happened. I lost my mobile.

We went to the hotel and told the hotel folks about that and asked if we could trace it, but they said it might be difficult. And so, I forgot about it – as in decided to let it go. As I’m writing this post today, I still feel bad and sad that it had so many photos and videos (read memories) that were not backed up.

Next morning, we did Rosenborg Slot, Rundtaarn. This, and then a lunch brunch at Zalt Aps followed by dessert. (I will put these posts up soon on my restaurant blog). Then, we did the Designmuseum Denmark and were out of the 24 hour cycle for the city pass. This meant paying again to enter the Tivoli gardens, which I did. While the hubster roamed around and got some clicks of the Hans Christian Andersen Statue.

And then, we headed to the station to be on our way to Stockholm.

In hindsight, I should’ve spent all the days around Copenhagen and Malmo. Probably explored the town of Lund in Sweden, Aarhus in Denmark and enjoyed more that Copenhagen and around had to offer. But next time.

Here are the photos, in the meanwhile.

Copenhagen from BonViveur on Vimeo.

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  1. Just back from our trip to Scandinavia and it was as lovely as we thought it would be. We covered Malmo, Lund, Ystad, Kåseberga, Molle, and Helsingborg by road in Sweden. Driving to Sweden from Copenhagen through Øresund Bridge was beautiful.

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