Cooking: Some Mexican, Some Indian

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Cooking: Some Mexican, Some Indian

The hubster loves chole tikki.  The plan was to make some different tikkis with sweet potatoes and potatoes instead of just potatoes.  The nanny missed the potatoes and made a smash of just sweet potatoes.

No damage done so war, it was a sticky and wet smash of sweet potatoes, but I managed to form something that looked like patties using semolina flour and toasted them on my current obsession – cast iron Lodge griddle.

But the hubster was late that day and ate at work.  The chole were served with rice for lunch next day and I asked the nanny to cook some black beans and chop some peppers and onions.

I made a Mexican mix of the black beans, green peppers, onions and corn.  Kept some aside and added cooked rice to the remaining.  I’d generously used a store bought taco mix to season it.

This evening, the hubster was going to eat at home, I checked.  So I warmed up the patties back on the cast iron griddle.  Topped them up with the beans and vegetable mix, some pico de gallo (made at home), and some sour cream (it was really some home made yogurt mixed with whipped cream and a touch of salt).

Here’s his plate of the patties and a side of the Mexican rice.

I know you really can’t tell the patties, but they were a simple mix of boiled and mashed sweet potatoes, some ginger and salt.



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