Cooking: Shredded Sweet Potato Sauté

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I’m making a conscious effort to get back to blogging regularly. Having owned the instant pot(s), for a few months now, it’s time I put them to more frequent use.

This evening, I had shredded sweet potatoes handy. And making this dish was easy. I don’t have a name for it. Back in our family, they call it sweet potato khichdi, like sabudana khichdi, same preparation.

Heat up some ghee, cumin seeds till they splatter, slit green chillies, curry leaves and the shredded sweet potatoes. They’re usually done in a kadhai, or as I’ve done it here, in a wide pan, keep stirring it intermittently. It takes little effort to cook.

Instapot version was even easier. After the tadka, added the sweet potatoes and salt, and then closed the lid – 0 minutes, manual. Release right away and it was done. It had a little crunch to it. If you prefer mushy, leave it in for another minute or two.

Topped it with roasted peanut powder. And a healthy, paleo, gluten free dish was ready.

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2 thoughts on “Cooking: Shredded Sweet Potato Sauté

  1. Oh goodness, this sounds insanely good! Loving the blog and your recipes 🙂 This is totally something that I’d devour instantly, especially since it looks pretty simple to make and involves the heavenly SWEET POTATO! I’ve never had sweet potato cooked this way (sautéed) and it looks really good. Thank you for sharing, and I’m looking forward to more posts!

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