Cooking & Baking – Sorghum Risotto

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It sounds all fancy. It tasted great. I’m all for experimenting in the kitchen.

IMG_20180223_200853_Bokeh Oven is my new love these days. I don’t have the insta pot, IP, electric pressure cooker here in Hong Kong, and I miss it. For all who own it, love the “no baby-sitting” part of it. The oven provides most of it, except for turning it off (which is a feature in most table-top or counter ovens). But I’m not complaining.

In fact, happier with the results and deeper flavours that I thought were missing with the Instant Pot. Ok, I’m sure I’ll be branded for saying that out loud, but some may agree with me. The better things about IP compared to a regular pressure cooker were no mess and no baby sitting. The flavours, the colour of the foods (because of the level of pressure), I found lacking in the IP compared to a regular pressure cooker. The oven takes care of them, better, I think.

No comparing on the things that require pressure cooking and I still have to deal with the steamy mess from the pressure cooker even after putting a little enclosing around it, but my vegetables are turning out great. Indian preparations or not.

Mine has an in-built humidity or moisture control, so depending on the preparation I want, I set it to just bake or bake with humidity. 350 F – 400 F, 15 – 20 minutes, and I’m all set to a nice vegetable entree, with my desired level of crunch, mush, oil, ghee, masalas and what not.

See for yourselves?

Raw bhindi tossed with masalas of your choice. IMG_20180204_171716_Bokeh The end result, topped with cilantro. IMG_20180204_191038_Bokeh Eggplant / Aubergine IMG_20180205_141942 IMG_20180205_142401 IMG_20180205_145643 How it looked when done. IMG_20180205_152042_Bokeh And this one I took especially to be able to blog about it 🙂 Cauliflower with other vegetables of choice. IMG_20180219_175746 IMG_20180219_190323

Tonight, I tried the touted healthy grain jowar or sorghum. Pressure cooked it, added a store bought Italian tomato sauce to it along with some more Italian seasonings. Added some vegan mayonnaise for extra creaminess since I felt like it and called it (faux) risotto, just because. I know, I know an Italian reading this will first kill me then him/her self. I didn’t feel like calling it khichdi / khichadi, with the Italian seasonings and all.

Tossed the vegetables in the oven, drizzled with olive oil, marjoram, salt and oregano. Held off on the crushed peppers for the child and added them before serving. And I think it was a pretty wholesome meal. Even if I say so myself!

IMG_20180223_163452 IMG_20180223_165437 IMG_20180223_200526_Bokeh IMG_20180223_200538 IMG_20180223_200546_Bokeh
IMG_20180223_200551_Bokeh IMG_20180223_200557_Bokeh
IMG_20180223_200601_Bokeh IMG_20180223_200605_Bokeh

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