Confusion Kitchen

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Confusion Kitchen

Ever been confused and wander around for up to an hour in a bid to find the right place for lunch? I’ve been confused plenty of times and funnily enough, ended up in Confusion Kitchen for lunch today.

With Lisa Terauchi as the executive chef and co-owner, their are a lot of Asian options, Indian particularly too.

With options plenty, my confusion didn’t cease by coming here.  I settled on the Hawaiian black bean burger.

The burger patty was very big and hearty. It was more than just black beans, I couldn’t be sure what though. Felt like tempeh.

The grilled pineapple slice sitting atop the patty tasted wow. With a more breadth of flavours – read some more salt and plenty of heat, it would’ve been wow-er.

A fresh rosemary twig instead of the usual wooden skewers was pretty neat as it imparted those herby aromatics to it.

The burger buns were fine – not too airy or light and not too dense.

The fries – it said you could choose yours – but given my confusion, I let them surprise me. And that was a major let down. Tofu fries! Hardly seasoned. With what tasted like a tofu dip that lacked flavours. If I’m served tofu fries that aren’t seasoned, I’d want a sauce that packs punch to dip them fries. They were fried to perfection, but that’s about it.


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