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So the husband was incessantly complaining about how this was going to be a tiring day and he was least interested in anything and this was only the second day in Italy.

We got lost – read separated from each other around the Duomo. So I said let’s make a rule that you come get me wherever we last spoke, if in future, we get lost. He just lost it.
He was whining about how I should have tried to message him even though his phone was discharged and that we should try to find each other.
I told him about the scenario where one person doesn’t have any means to contact, then he insisted that they should just get to the hotel.
I told him, that in a case like this, where it was an Airbnb and we had to have keys to get in and if the other person had the keys and the wallet, how would they get in. He decided to still act stubborn and said he was done for the day and going home!

Hah! It wasn’t even 6 and it wasn’t even a tiring day! But the stubborn ass that he is, he went ahead, anyway. I told him to take the baby. So I say and admired the duomo some, then strolled a bit, window shopped a bit, and then went to the place that I’d looked up a bit earlier.
The place instantly perked up my mood because it looked GREAT. I was so happy with the choice of place.
I don’t know why I felt shy and didn’t order any wine, but I should’ve. For food, I ordered a tagliatelle and a side of vegetables. It was a simple but very well done pasta. It was thin, perfectly cooked and tender. After the earlier night’s dinner, this was a relief.

I thought to myself they forgot the vegetables and quickly requested the bill. I would’ve loved to try a dessert but there’s only as much you can eat.

The server asked me if I didn’t want my vegetables. I told him I assumed they come with the mains and that they’d forgotten it. He added however that they could cancel it if I didn’t want.

I requested that, signed the bill and off I went, to my Airbnb accommodation.

It was a good dinner. Lonely, but fine.

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