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That fresh crushed pepper you see on the glass is about all the seasoning they must’ve added to this bloody mary. I couldn’t even taste any salt, let alone Worcestershire sauce.

I asked for some salt and Tabasco that I could see and spiced up the sad drink myself.

The place didn’t look super clean – can’t complain for one that’s by the beach, eh? But they didn’t seem hygienic either – using their hands to cool the glasses for the beer, shaking ice cubes up and down and putting that ice back in the jug of water that was being served. Gloves, at least?

The breads were warm, subtly toasty and light. The pizza, very homely looking, I didn’t try it. The fries were thick cut, fried to perfection and solid.

The ratatouille was more like a cheesy gratin, sans the flour. I pictured a hearty vegetable dish with a touch of goat cheese to cut through the vegetables, but it was like they were baked in the cheese.

Again – going in on these beachfront restaurants, I’m prepared for disappointing food so it wasn’t that big a hit I had to take, but that bloody mary! Add some bloody salt and spice, please 🙂

Ratatouille Cococabana Shek OBeer Cococabana Shek O
Bloody Mary Cococabana Shek O
Bread Cococabana Shek O
Fries Cococabana Shek O
Pizza Cococabana Shek O

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