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This was one gorgeous-setup-disappointing-food restaurant.

The spiced flatbread that we ordered for appetizer was the highlight of my meal. The basil almond dip that it came with was fine.

I’m not an Italian, but on pasta cooking, I think I understand the difference between under-cooked and al-dente. They did a good job on plating it and the subtle mix of flavors was all right, but the pasta itself was undercooked. And it arrived almost at room temperature, leave aside warm, leave far aside hot. Isn’t that how a pasta should be served? Warm at the very least, even if you give them grace?

The side of grilled eggplant that I ordered was good, they didn’t mess it up.

The biegnets were the right amount of sweet, but dense and not soft enough. The caramel sauce didn’t taste fresh and had an overpowering butter smell/ taste to it. 
I was very excited about coming to this place and when I stepped in and looked around at the beautiful decor, my excitement and expectation jumped up a notch, but then fell flat with the food.

I am a nobody and with the big names of Carlos Suarez and Mark Barack attached to this place, it almost seems like I know nothing of food.  But maybe it wasn’t just their night.  Or mine.

The service was very warm and friendly.

Vegetarians, I’d say go. For appetizers and wine. And the good-looking restaurant that it is. I know I’ve said that three times, but I really liked that 🙂


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