Ciao Chow

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Ciao Chow

Ciao Chow was our destination for dinner on the child’s request earlier this evening.

Well, he didn’t request this specific place, but he requested spaghetti. Coming from Stanley, getting off at Central, this was close and convenient.

The place quite a name for itself. And it’s seated in the heart of LKF or Lan Kwai Fong, thereby commanding top dollar prices.

And hence, I think, they have zero excuses for serving walnuts that’s gone old and smelly. This was for the sweet potato gnocchi that I’d ordered. Know that oily, greasy taste and smell that says old walnuts. That was served!

I don’t know why I didn’t say anything there, but I just didn’t. I left all the walnuts on the plate. Along with the not so great cheese sauce. Thinking, wanting, hoping the server would ask how it was and I would tell the walnuts have gone bad-ish. But he didn’t.

The presentation was equally half-hearted on the gnocchi. But the sweet potato gnocchi mini pillows tasted great. Soft, tender, melt-in-mouth. I’d have appreciated bigger chunks of the gnocchi, but the small pieces weren’t a deal-breaker.

The spaghetti, with San Marzano tomatoes, was really good. The sauce was. The spaghetti – extra al dente to me – read a bit too much of a bite. How Scarpetta or the other nice Italian restaurants in NYC cook pasta is perfection to me. Not mushed, no bite, just perfection.

Ciao Chow did a good job with their tomato sauce. I may or may not return to give the tiramisu a taste. Until then, back to dreaming about Scarpetta‘s spaghetti.

Spaghetti Ciao Chow
Gnocchi Ciao Chow

At least the bus ride to and from Stanley brought joy!

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