CIAK Landmark

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CIAK Landmark

Eggplant parmesan? Or eggplant lasagna? This is what I was served when I ordered eggplant parmesan at CIAK here in Landmark.

As I look up the website, I see that it was awarded a Michelin star for two-three years in a row, a couple of years back.

Just a few days ago, I had pesto, so I didn’t go for the pasta but the eggplant parmesan again. And I must say I wasn’t very impressed.

When I think of eggplant parmesan, I think something a bit breaded, a bit crusty, very chunky tomato sauce-y. This wasn’t breaded. It wasn’t crusty. Wasn’t very sauce-y but not dry.

I think eggplant lasagna might be a better way to describe this, to avoid disappointment on not getting the eggplant parmesan. It was very neatly presented, neatly portioned to be able to cut out slices.

The taste wasn’t bad and it tasted better at home later that evening, as I took my leftovers to go.

The house breads were good. I was too chatty to get a picture of my Long Island Iced Tea.

The space was quite big and the menu, overall extensive. I may stop here for another bite someday. Pesto something, I’d guess.IMG_20190520_130734_Bokeh

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