Chronic Tacos

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Chronic Tacos

The husband had other commitments this evening so the child and I were on our way to another vegetarian restaurant while walking I saw this place called Chronic Tacos. It was much closer than the place we were walking to. It was cold, it was late. The child was tired, the child was hungry. So it wasn’t that much of decision-making, just the thought of not eating a Japanese meal. But that was it.

If you’ve been following my Instagram posts, or some my blog posts from our last visit (most of the others are still pending), you’ll know by now that I’m head-over-heels in love with the food in Japan (I must admit that I’ve not explored much besides Tokyo). Simple, basic things and they all taste great, not just good, more often than not.

It was all true this evening. Hong Kong hasn’t impressed me much with its Mexican food yet, but I was happy with my burrito bowl here. As usual, the portion sizes in Japan are small. To begin with, I’d gotten one bowl, with the usual vegetarian fixings and a churro for the child.

I got another bowl later to satiate my hunger pangs, later. It was much of decision-making then, the thought of not eating a Japanese meal but also the thought of not being able to find decent-ish Mexican food in Hong Kong!

Not sure about the US locations, but the Tokyo Ginza location looked fairly decent, with Mexican graffiti, exposed brick walls. It was a Thursday evening and the place was fairly bustling. They had regular tables, high tables, and sofa tables, in the corner.  The child and I parked ourselves there, by the bay windows.

Though warmed, the churros tasted really good. And the burrito bowl – simple but satiating. They didn’t have any fajitas and shredded cabbage was a first. Nevertheless, I was very happy with this Mexican offering in Japan. The salsas were good too. Not your usual sauces, but were authentic, heartier, even.

Burrito Bowl Chronic Tacos Ginza Tokyo
Churros Chronic Tacos Ginza Tokyo
Chronic Tacos Ginza Tokyo

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