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Chop Shop

Chop Shop Chelsea

A late late late dinner. We were seated probably around 10:10.

The deal this evening was that the husband had a team dinner (they were farewelling their TL, who switched to another team). The usual friends were busy with family, so it was just Si&Rad and I (read me).

Si&Rad’s apartment building had some water issues and that took Rad a while before she could get ready to come to the city (read 9ish). I figured that out and just roamed around, window shopped and watched the sunset from the meat-packing district.

This place was on the tenth avenue, and Si still wanted to walk from the Path at 23rd to this place and not take a faster mode of transport, which I could not understand why, given that he knew that I was waiting but I didn’t bother. We waited for a good 45 minutes before being seated. Our patience was paid off by getting a table in their small ‘garden-area’.

Si hurt his finger while taking the wooden chopsticks out from the sleeve, and couldn’t get the little foreign piece out of his finger until after he got home. Not a fun start to the evening, eh!

But it was not that bad, after it. Got to speak to Si&Rad about their wedded life so far, got some insight into Rad’s personality and all of that.

Coming to the food

Pan fried vegetable dumplings ***.5
Great! We were starved and this would have tasted good, no matter what.

Asian slaw *
Bland. We were starved and this still didn’t taste good.

Drunken noodles ***.5
Quite wide, quite thin and quite yummy. The chef was kind enough to do away with the regular sauce (probably oyster, fish, soy).

Spicy cold sesame noodles ***.5
Not a big fan of cold noodles, but if you have to try one, this is where you begin. The fact that it was cold did not diminish any of the flavours, which ususally is the case, I believe.

Vegetable Penang curry ****
with coconut milk, tofu, squash, cauliflower, zucchini, peppers
This curry was genius! It had fish sauce, though, stricter vegetarian folks.

Sauteed greens – pea tendrils with garlic ***.5

Coconut creme caramel ***.5
A thai place that got it’s dessert right. Excellent flavours of coconut not overpowered by the caramel. Soft cheese.

And let me tell you, this was the most patient and friendly service that I have seen to date.  The host was just too good, so was our server.  I saw the host at around 8 (when I thought my friends would be there), when he was fresh and friendly.  And then I saw him back at 10:15, when he was sweating and busy, but still equally friendly.  I paid this gentleman from Brazil a compliment on his demeanor.

We had a great time.  And the fun didn’t end there.  Read further.

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By around 11:45, we were done with our dinner and walked to the 23rd Path.

Just before getting down to the station, I gave my husband a ring. So you guys are aware, they are all drunk and high. My husband for sure is, and he said everybody else is too. Now, the call goes like this.
I (read me): What’s up? We are heading home.
A (husband): We cannot find our manager.
I: What do you mean you cannot find him? Wasn’t he with you?
A: Yes, but then he left for the restroom and we can’t find him since.
I: Where are you?
A: Madison Square Garden?
I: What? Why are you there? Weren’t you in the curry hill area (lexington and late 20s).
A: Yes.
I: Why did you go there?
A: I thought he might be sad and lonely so might have gone there.
I: You mean Madison Square Park.
A: Yes. I mean Madison Square Garden.
I: . Where is your team?
A: All are looking for him.
I: OK. Stay there. We’ll come get you.

I was so concerned for the hubster, he sounded so drunk. We met his remaining team, most of whom, fortunately looked in their senses. They had no clue where the manager was. He left his bag. They tried calling him but no reply from. His wife called one of the team members and that raised the concerns further.

Saturday morning, the mystery was solved when the manager gave them a ring and told he’d left for home, but forgot to inform them. He had acquired a new number, which he was carrying, and not the other number, which the team was aware of.

The hubster was hungover the next day. Of course, he didn’t speak much as he was in his senses that day, but he spoke a tad on the way back home the previous night. More insights into him I got. More like affirmations of my thoughts.

Cheers to adventurous evenings!

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