Chifa Dumpling House

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Chifa Dumpling House

The husband took charge this day. And we floundered to Chifa in the slight drizzle after the floating Christmas art experience for the child at PMQ.

We’ve walked past here very many times but never bothered to look in. I wonder why. This time we did. And a quick inquiry with the friendly host and a look at the menu revealed vegetarian options in copious amounts for two adults and a child. The food was excellent!

First up were the wantan and salsa – deep Peruvian potatoes wontons, on a bed of chunky salsa / sauce that consisted of carrots, peas and aji paprika aioli. It was good. I mean the sauce was the start of the dish, the wontons by themselves were relatively bland.

Next up were tofu buns – your Asian steamed buns stuffed with grilled tofu that had a nice firm texture on top of Peruvian mushrooms duxelle, seasoned with creamy coriander sauce, kale, and soy sauce. Good. Subtle, good.

The turnip cake with black fungus, tamarind sauce and a garlic and caramelized onion confit, though a bit on the sweet side, tasted supreme with their spicy sauce.

The vegetarian chaufa rice is the Peruvian take on Chinese fried rice and was every bit of perfection with perfectly cooked yet firm rice grains and a colourful assortment of vegetables from asparagus to purple cabbage to baby corn to peppers. And that spicy green sauce / aioli / salsa was all things aplomb!

Here’s that piquant fiery red sauce. It’ll go with anything and everything. It was so good!

And I had the Fresquito – an elegant, fresh, floral cocktail with gin, yuzu juice, elderflower syrup, apple juice. The glass was lined with very thinly sliced cucumber. The cocktail was great too, perfectly sweet and sour. I think a touch of spice would’ve added more stars to this already great drink.

Chaufa Fried Rice Chifa Dumpling House Hong Kong Restaurant
Tofu Buns Chifa Dumpling House Hong Kong Restaurant
Wontons Chifa Dumpling House Hong Kong Restaurant
Turnip Cake Chifa Dumpling House Hong Kong Restaurant
Cocktails Gin Chifa Dumpling House Hong Kong Restaurant

Few more pictures here.

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