Cha An Tea House

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Cha An Tea House

A cutesy small tea place in Stuyvesant town. I am sitting here on a Sunday afternoon. It was bright when I decided to step out. While I was getting ready, the sun decided to step back into the clouds.

The place does not let in a lot of natural light. The place uses lot of wood in their decor which I like. A nice place to sit and catch up with friends.

This is the lavender mint tea that I ordered. The mint overpowered the French lavender scents or flavors.


When I told my server that I am a vegetarian, she offered to check with the kitchen on what was available without fish broth.

She then suggested seven grain rice with pickles cucumbers and a side of root vegetables.

The root vegetables were good, lotus roots essentially, thinly sliced with a few grated carrots tossed in a sweet soy based sauce and served warm. The pickled vegetables were served cold.

It was alright. Seemed fresh and nothing wrong with the preparations.





Their desserts are supposedly good too. But I don’t think I’ll have any room for them after I am done with my rice and vegetables. Another time.

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