Capital Corn and Confections

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Capital Corn and Confections

Capital Corn and Confections sent me their gourmet popcorn for review earlier this March.

Look at the cute bag and tag!

Based in Trenton, NJ, this ‘pop’corn shop is the child of Nicole Bailey-Williams, a teacher turned entrepreneur.

The two flavors I received were the sweet Cinnamon Bun and Cookies & Cream.

Let me begin by saying I loved both of them, so did the others whom I had these blind tasted by. My husband and mom were able to tell both, but the other friends weren’t. Regardless, they all seemed to relish them both.

The popcorns tasted fresh and appealed to both the tongue and the nose.

The cinnamon bun one had a nice buttery taste to it which complemented the sweet flavor of it quite well – a well balanced snack I’d say.

The cookies and cream were good. It’s such a nice idea for a tea time snack or even a light dessert, for the calorie conscious.

After trying their sweet variations, I will try their savory popcorns. How about you? And for party favors and catering to parties? You could try that too. They have seasonal flavors and could cater to your tastes as well.


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