Candle Cafe West

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Candle Cafe West

Steamed dumplings **.5

Seitan, onion, leeks, baby bok choy, sesame-ginger-soy sauce20130912-115505.jpg


Special I – grilled artichokes

Special II – Zucchini flowers, fried.20130912-120523.jpg

Chipotle grilled tofu ****

Quinoa pilaf, sautéed greens and string beans, corn, avocado and pumpkin seed salad, black bean sauce

Undoubtedly the best dish for the afternoon, which was consumed as much by the others.  Sigh.  The others who ordered the mushroom sandwich and didn’t even eat it and the summer rolls.  When you get it everywhere, why would you not order the more niche food items here?


Wheatballs and spaghetti ***


Coconut cake ***

Only because nothing else seemed as enticing and who leaves without a dessert anyway?20130912-120806.jpg

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