Camere Con Vista

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Hotels & Accommodations: Camere Con Vista

They say ‘literally’ is one of the most misused words in English language. “I literally died.” “My head literally exploded.” “I literally shouted.” Wrong. That’s all wrong. Camere con vista, literally translates to rooms with view. Right. This is right. This was right.

Amalfi Coast turned out to be the hubster’s favourite part of Italy, this accommodation turned out to be the best that we stayed in.

It was movie-like initially. We got off the bus stop and with multiple levels of roads (OK, it was only two), but we weren’t completely sure, so we were looking around with a sheet of paper. When one gentleman offered to help with the address. He saw the address and happened to call someone. He was nice but all that I’d read about the conning in Italy made me skeptical.

Then, a lady came out of the little store in what might be the town square, to tell me to go check another place inside. So the hubster waited there with the child, as the man who called asked us to wait there saying the man who would take us to the place would arrive here.

I went inside what might’ve been the real main town square, with the cathedral and all. Upon asking a few people of the address – it mentioned one address for the accommodation and a different one for check-in. I went for the check-in address.  A man came and he called another guy who would check us in. I waited for a good 15 minutes.

Only my phone was working, so the hubster was getting annoyed waiting out. But finally we got there. It was an easy and short walk from the bus stop.

It was a climb up the stairs, no elevators. We kept the stroller downstairs, went up, freshened up – because it was a long train + bus ride from Rome.

We were pleased. The hosts were nice and friendly. And they apparently upgraded us from a room to an apartment. So it felt good. All that space. Even though we were there only for the sleeping part – it felt good. By the sleeping part, I mean I am the kind who likes to be out and about.

But this place was like you would’ve liked it even if you stayed in. Because of the views. It was literally room with a view 😉

They had a room, living / dining area with a full kitchen and a bathroom where the basic soap was provided. The place was clean.

I would recommend this place in Amalfi. Close to the bus stop. And you can see the ferries from here too.

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