Cali Mex

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IMG_20180126_130204 Cali Mex seemed like Chipotle Mexican Grill before their renovations, I guess.

Post renovations, it looked more restaurant-esque, less fast food like. Chipotle was the only chain that I absolutely LOVED. And having not eaten Mexican food for a while, I had to give Cali Mex a shot.

So while it was similar, there were a lot of differences.

Price – much pricier here. Hong Kong! ~USD 16 equivalent here. It was about USD 9 in New York, the priciest in all of US.

Guacamole – good, but not a default part of the vegetarian bowl, and hence the add-up cost.

Fixings – you could choose either beans or vegetables, not both, unlike Chipotle where fajitas were always an option to be added along with the beans. I’m not sure if I could add them all.

Same about salsas, not sure if I could’ve added them all. I went with the spiciest one, and it didn’t taste that great. a bit bitter. The tomatoes didn’t look the freshest. And onions – they should’ve known better to use red onions for the raw pico di gallo, than white ones?

The topped it with sour cream. The rice was yellow, sans lemon and cilantro. The beans included black and refried.

While not bad, it wasn’t Chipotle!
IMG_20180126_130210 IMG_20180126_130232
IMG_20180126_130233 IMG_20180126_130541

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