Calexico LES

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Calexico LES

After going for the Tabelog party at Sakami, after having felt too shy by myself since my guest was occupied at work, and after having discovered that there was nothing vegetarian for me there, I was disappointed.  Especially because everything looked quite enticing.

I left shortly, and decided to try Calexico since I was craving tacos.  I’ll say that I was not very happy having picked this one up over Tacombi.

The black bean taco and the tofu taco were the ones I ordered.  No doubt they were generously loaded and two would totally satisfy the tummy, but not the taste buds.  The black bean, is tough to mess up, but it didn’t appeal to me as much. I guess that was because I skipped the flavorful crack sauce (for the fear of raw eggs in the mayonnaise) and the tofu taco was just too tomatooey, not flavorful, otherwise.

However, a few weeks later, I tried the bean taco at their cart in Flatiron district and it was WOW!


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