Cafe Gilli

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Cafe Gilli

This is one of the must do cafes in Florence. The not so hungry and the lazy us decided to barge in, in the middle of the afternoon for some coffee and cakes. Just because.

Simple frescoes, grand bar, arched door with a big clock adorn this place. Probably a decade and a half shy of being two centuries old. Enough math in there? 🙂

We tried a macchiato, a cream puff, tiramisu, and a sugary flaky pastry. All of them, decent, not out of the park great.

The big decision we made here was about the tiramisu – to get or not to get. But during our few minutes there, we saw it was a popular order and decided to go for it. And finished it.  You weren’t even hungry, you say? Forget that, I say :p

And I’ve mentioned to you earlier that if you choose to sit and eat, they charge you more – the service fees than if you have it at the counter, standing. We went standing here. Just because.. 🙂

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